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Peter Rabbit Story Basket

How to make a story basket

Story baskets or story sacks are a wonderful and practical way to bring stories to life for young children whilst helping to support their early literacy skills. You can make a story basket for any book in your collection, all you need is a variety of objects related to the story for your child to interact with as you tell the story together.

You will probably find that you can gather most objects from around your home, raid the kitchen, toy boxes and even the garden for props, just make sure everything is child-friendly. As you read the story together you and your child can introduce the props and use them to act out the story in a fun and imaginative way. At the end of the story you could ask your child to continue the story, what would happen next?

Here are some ideas to turn popular stories into story baskets. Store them for future use in a bag, basket or pillowcase and you could even encourage your child to retell or change the story in their independent play.

Peter Rabbit Story Basket


The Tale of Peter Rabbit

by Beatrix Potter

Watering can, sieve, flower pots, Peter Rabbit soft toy, flat cap, mouse, vegetables

Peter Rabbit in a watering can

Use a combination of toys and everyday objects to bring the story to life.

Peter Rabbit toys


Other books to try

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Chairs, bowls, bears, cushions, porridge oats

Lost and Found

by Oliver Jeffers
Umbrella, penguin, suitcase

Room on the Broom

by Julia Donaldson
Broomstick, ribbon, wand, hat, dog, cat, bird frog, dragon

Dear Zoo

by Rod Campbell
The animals from the story, boxes


by Sue Hendra
Various fruits and vegetables (including peas and a potato), googley or sticky eyes, plasters, jelly, loo roll, felt tip pen

Story time for babies
Nursery rhymes
Natalie Cotton

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