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no mess easter cards with baby

How to make Easter cards with your baby

Easter is on the way! Here is a fun and easy way to make Easter cards with a baby by using their feet to mix paint. If your baby enjoyed our Tummy Time Painting then have a go at this! Family members and friends would love to receive a homemade Easter card from your baby!

You will need:

  • Card (we used pre-folded scallop edged cards)
  • Tape
  • Zip lock bag
  • Backing to stick cards to (we used an old wallpaper sample)
  • Paints

Step 1

Roll a little tape and stick on the back of the folded card. This will prevent the card from moving around inside the bag and getting smudged or creased. Pop a small piece of rolled tape inside the card too.

Tape on back of card

Step 2

Stick the cards to your backing paper.

cards stuck to backing

Step 3

You can buy ready mixed pastel paints but we made our own. Use white paint with a tiny drop of coloured paint in it, we added red, blue, green and purple to achieve these colours. Apply the paint in random blobs.

pastel paints on cards

Step 4

Slide the cards into a ziplock bag carefully, try not to smudge the paint.

making easter cards

Step 5

Hold baby up and encourage them to put their weight on their feet to push the paint around. ‘Walk’ their feet across the canvas to squish the paint and mix the colours. Alternatively, they can sit as they do this or use their hands.

Put a towel underneath the ziplock bag incase of any spillages.

Baby painting in rabbit bootees

Step 6

Carefully remove the bag and allow the cards to dry completely. The moisture from the paints may cause the cards to wave slightly, we pressed ours under the bread bin for a couple of hours to straighten them out (anything flat and reasonably heavy will do, try a pile of books).

easter card

Step 7

Add any finishing touches to finish the cards off like an Easter themed photo of your baby.

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