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shaving foam colour mixing with babies

Shaving foam colour mixing

This shaving foam colour mixing activity looks beautiful on a bright Summer day when the sun is bursting through the windows. It looks brilliant in a variety of colours and creates a sun-catcher effect when the bright sunlight hits it on a window. All this activity requires is a can of shaving gel (we got some from Aldi that was really inexpensive), paints, tape and a ziplock bag. We have kept it contained and baby-safe in bag but this would work brilliantly as a sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers in a tray or tuff spot.

You will need

  • Zip lock bags
  • Shaving foam/gel
  • Paint
  • Tape

How to make it

Simply open up the ziplock bag and put some shaving gel inside, about a tablespoon should do. Seal the bag and rub it between your hands to foam the gel. Put a couple of drops of paint inside the bag on either side of the foam and seal. Tape securely to the window.

colour mixing with shaving foam

Here we’ve used shaving gel with red and yellow paint.

The science of colour mixing

If you want to make a set of colour mixing bags, here are the paints you’ll need to mix the secondary colours.

  • Red + yellow = orange
  • Blue + red = purple
  • Yellow + blue = green

Adding different shades of the same colour creates a beautiful effect. Oranges, reds and yellows will make an irresistibly sunny mix of colours while blue, turquoise and purple makes a fusion of ocean shades.

Try it at tummy time

These colour mix bags can also be used at tummy time too. When preparing the bag, remember the more foam there is, the more squishy and raised it becomes so when baby presses down on it the colours move around much more. Try with high contrast colours like black and white too! If you enjoyed this activity, try our tummy time painting activity.

foam colour mixing

Here we’ve used blue, turquoise and purple glitter paints with shaving gel.

Ideas for preschoolers and school age children

This activity also works well for preschoolers and even school-age children for writing letters and numbers that can be easily wiped away. With older children this would work brilliantly as a messy activity in a tuff spot.

Make sure that the bag is securely closed and taped to the window to prevent little teeth puncturing the bag.
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