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spring sensory bags

Spring sensory bags

Spring is finally here! We have been exploring the signs of Spring with baby-safe sensory bags this week. There are so many wonderful plants and flowers popping up all around us but many of them would not be safe for little babies. To avoid the possibility of anything finding its way into baby’s mouth we have been investigating nature through these squishy sensory bags.

We have used zip lock bags and all they contain is a little water and natural objects from around the garden. These Spring sensory bags are so easy to make and cheap to resource.

Lay a towel underneath the bag in case of any leaks.

Here are a few ideas to make Spring sensory bags exciting for little ones!

Crunchy dried petals

Enjoy a bunch of flowers on your windowsill and when they are past their best simply pluck the petals off. We used tulips for this crunchy sensory bag and didn’t add any water this time.

dried petals

Evergreen leaves

If Spring hasn’t quite sprung in your garden yet you may have some evergreen trees that you can use leaves from in the meantime.

evergreen leaves sensory bag

Colourful flowers

We pressed the flowers flat and put them in a bag with just enough water to make them irresistibly squishy with visible bubbles.

flowers sensory bag

More ideas

  • Feathers
  • Seeds
  • Grass cuttings
  • Twigs
  • Leaves

We have explored our sensory bags during tummy time and the bright colours have been a big hit! The opportunities are endless for creating exciting themed sensory bags. We have used natural materials but you could also add other items too. These sensory bags were made using strong zip lock bags, securing with tape around the edges would make doubly sure nothing can escape.

Babies need supervising at all times when exploring sensory bags.
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