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Tummy time painting

Tummy Time Painting

This mess-free tummy time painting painting activity rolls creativity and the benefits of tummy time into one! It’s relatively easy to set up and allows your little one to create their very own artwork by kicking, squirming and wriggling. This is a fun activity for babies who love to lay and kick their legs too!

Why is tummy time important?

Tummy time is important for babies’ development. It encourages gross motor skills and strengthens the muscles that are needed for sitting and crawling. For more information about making tummy time fun, take a look at our guide.

What you’ll need

  • Paint board, cardboard or thick paper
  • Washable, non-toxic paints
  • A ziplock bag

Our guide to tummy time painting

Apply the paint straight from the bottles in stripes, splodges, zig zags or however you like. We used a paint board (from Lidl) as the base and some ready mixed paints from Hobbycraft. We have chosen blues for a wintery effect but this would also look fantastic in bright summery shades!

Paint board with paint

Slide the board into a ziplock bag, be careful not to smudge the paint, that’s baby’s job!

Baby smudging paint

Baby can use their hands to smudge the paint on their tummy, if they can’t support their weight on their elbows yet try using a tummy time cushion under their arms to elevate them a bit. They can also sit up on your knee and use their feet to kick, try different positions for your baby to push the paint around the canvas.

Baby kicking paint

Use this an opportunity to name the colours and describe actions like ‘push,’ ‘kick’ and ‘stretch.’

Baby painting

When you’re finished you either separate the bag from the board before carefully sliding it out or simply cut the sides off the bag and peel the plastic off before leaving to dry. Don’t forget to write baby’s name and the date in the corner or on the back.

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